Introducing latency

  • Just a general question. Will enabling traffic shaping noticably increase latency? It is presently 7ms to even if youtube and 4 or 5 gamers are online. I was thinking of restricting video streaming sites and Torrents to 400kb/sec .

  • Netgate Administrator

    Introducing anything that increases the calculations required for each routed packet is going to take more time.
    However it may be such a negligible amount that you don't see it. <1ms.


  • Thanks for the reply Steve

    After some thought i came to the conclusion that if i set a rule for torrents and Youtube that it will really only affect the port that is requesting the data. The rest of the network would not really notice it. (i assume) Leaving WAN access unmetered, i can update and download on 9 machines before latency surpasses 65ms. I am quite happy with that but i want to see if controlling bandwidth in a more granular manner can put that back down into the 40's or less.

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