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  • Hello. This is my first time messing with pfSense…its pretty cool! One thing I would like to do, and I think it would help me out further down the road with linux/unix in general, is to get the screen size larger. Currently I'm running this on a virtualbox. I'd like to make the console screen size larger. I've looked online in about a half a dozen places, and I'm seeing a lot about rebuilding the kernel, and using vidcontrol, but nothing seems to work. Would anyone mind breaking it down kindergarten style for me? I would really appreciate the help!


  • You only need the console for initial setup. Ssh and the web gui for everything else. So not much poi t making it larger

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    So not much poi t making it larger

    Whilst I agree with you that there isn't much call to use the console directly it does depend on your use case. For example if you are running pfSense on an old laptop you may well have it sat with the screen open showing some information, pftop for example. In that situation it helps to have the console set to the same resolution as the LCD, particularly on older laptops where running the wrong resolution can make it almost unreadable.
    I've never tried it though. Are you able to achieve anything with vidcontrol?


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  • If you just need to make the virtual screen bigger to make the text more legible, just tap right-ctrl + f to maximise the screen.

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