Semi multi wan

  • I have a question about routing and multi wan.

    I have 2 pfsense boxes 1 at colocation A and 1 at colocation B

    on both boxes I have an IPSEC tunnel to each other (in transport mode) and a GRE tunnel, that is working fine, I have setup some local subnet and routes that is working like a charm (very pleased with it)

    But now I want to make some public IPs available from colocation B to colocation A, so I setup a static route on colocation B to A

    I can ping the public IPs and see the ping from colo B's public IP on Colo A so route seems to be ok, how ever, other traffic does not go thru (traffic is blocekd with TCP:SA)
    I think this has something to do with the multi wan, colo A is receiving a package from colo B and sends it back to the default gateway (it should send it to

    I have tried to setup policy routing (in the firewall rules) but that didn't help

    Colo A (  <–- IPSEC/GRE ---> ( Colo B

    Anybody knows how to set this up?


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