3G dongle error on 1 VM, but not another? - uhub_explore illegal enable change

  • hi all,
    having an interesting issue with a pfsense build I recently compiled. using freebsd 8.3 and pfsense 2.1.
    i followed the instructions on technotation.com regarding building 3G dongle support for my Sierra 308U. The LTE 320U didnt work, but thats another story.
    Anyway, on my notebook PC with a test VM install using the built ISO, it works fine. However, when plugging into the real VM (which is on another PC, but rebuilt from scratch using the same ISO and restored config), it comes up with the uhub_explore illegal enable change error, and doesnt work. It detects the device correctly, the new u3g0 ports show up (5 of them), but then the error appears as well and I cant start a PPP session like I can with the other.
    since it works on 1 and not on the other, would I be right in guessing its not a software issue, but hardware on one of the PCs?
    what is the cause of this error and, more importantly, how do i get rid of it?


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