WOW consumer routers do suck, for my needs

  • Grrrr now i cant wait to put this pfsense box in live, my netgear 3400 kept crashing and locking up all night after i left for home. Its the first time since i bought it that we were pretty much full. 19 of 23 machines in use and someone on the PS3. Kid that worked last night had 5 hard lock ups. None of the people streaming could keep a steady stream, it was jittery and or stopped period. Think it is time i stopped playing and pulled the trigger on this.  >:(

  • Netgate Administrator

    I look forward to your report.  :)


  • Pffft i probably wont shut up as i mess everything up LOL its not live as i havent received my Intel dual nic, I have been messing around with the settings on the box with nothing but the realtec and an add on 10/100 old intel

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