Squidguard rewrite/redirect Youtube for schools

  • Pfsense 2.0.1 latest build. Everything working great with Squid, squidguard,and Muli-wan.

    Trying to rewrite youtbe.com -> http://youtube.com/?edufilter=zyshXjlHxWvXP-I9x3Wqjg

    Should be easy? Not sure I understand rewrite vs. redirect as the best solution.

    Added target category youtube
    block youtube in ACL
    Have rewrite defined
    click on apply and also restarted squid and squidguard services

    I will keep trying
    At one point using redirect only was getting it to redirect but getting a redirect loop in the client browser.

    Have not found any step by step how to do a simple redirect.

    Any advice is appreciated.

    International school in Chiang Mai Thailand

  • Hi,

    I would give you some suggestions which could work:
    On the web there are some blacklists which contain youtube. www.shallalist.de filters adult content on youtube with this URL:
    So if you block this page noone should be able to click on "I am older than 18". This should filter adult content on youtube.

    In my understanding the intention of rewrite is:
    Someone is going to browse to www.google.com then the request will be rewritten to something else - lets say www.bbc.com
    Just like changing the DNS.

    Not sure but redirect seems to have more the intention to redirect someone to a "block" page.

  • Thanks. I will try rewrite and post when I figure it out.

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