Updating pfSense from a LiveCD install

  • I recently ran pfSense 1.2 Beta 1 from a LiveCD, then installed from the LiveCD to a CF card.  I see that 1.2 Beta 2 is now available.  Considering that I used the LiveCD platform to originally install, will I be able to use the "pfSense-Full-And-Embedded-Update-1.2-BETA-2.tgz" file to update my pfSense install via the Firmware page?

    Please excuse the question if it sounds elementary, but I just wanted to make sure I understood the platforms that I could run the updater from.  Thanks!

  • Yes, will work fine.

  • Thanks for the response.  I updated to 1.2 Beta 2 just now, and it was a painless process.

    I also wanted to say that I think pfSense is an excellent piece of software.  I looked at different *nix router/firewall distros like IPCop, Smoothwall, m0n0wall, and pfSense, and pfSense was by far the best out of the others.  Thanks to Scott Ullrich and all the other developer who put together such a great product!

  • Where is it "PfSense-Full-And-Embedded-Update-1.2-BETA-2.tgz"? tell me please!

  • As trivially found from the "Updates" section on the "Downloads" page:


  • Thank you very much!