• Hi!

    Can't switch between the Queues and Queuesdrop graph. It always defaults to Queuesdrop selected but actually shows the Queues graph. If I select Queues it jumps back to select Queuesdrop and shows whatever graph it was showing before.
    I can get it to show the Queuesdrop graph if I change between Absolute and Inverse, somehow …
    The graphs are showing the correct values.

    Fresh install of
    1.2-BETA-2 built on Mon Jul 2 20:10:04 EDT 2007
    Restored a configuration made in Beta-1

    Just me, or is there something wrong?

  • I believe that is a known issue but I will show it to Seth to make sure.

  • Indeed so.

    Something in the select logic is broken for just the queues graph. It has been for a couple of months actually and should not be terribly difficult to fix.

    It's in the graph frontend, not the graph generation part.

  • Ok, thanks!

    Manually typing the right URL works fine for now.