Squidgard: missing items in Target Categories

  • Hello.
    I am using pfsense 2.0.1 embedded on soekris 5501, i install squid and squidgard, but when i download shallalist and I try to configure target categories in "common ACL" Tab i found only 11 items from more than 50 items that shallalist contains. I don't found for example: agressives, alcohols and drugs categories.
    thank you in advance for any suggestion.

  • The shallalist downloaded with error, or not installed  .

  • finally, I solved the problem by downloading the list directly, and I used my ftp server url as download link in pfsense.

  • I am using the blacklists from shallalist.de, too. I first download it to my local computer and after that uploading it on pfsense ( /tmp/shallalist.tar.gz ) and I am using this path on squidguard GUI.
    This is working.

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