Msnmessenger and others misssing rules, and/or has bad <ezshaper>entries</ezshaper>

  • First THKS for this beatifull router  ::) I love it

    Some ppl at home were complaining that MSN messenger was running bad specially for uploading files I took a look at the <shaper>and <ezshaper>parts of my config.xml

    msnmessenger has no rules in <shaper>and a wrong <ezshaper>entry <cc>D which should be
    <msnmessenger>D</msnmessenger> i think

    Could someone pls post the correct values, for msnmessenger and the rest that i found.

    BTW the router works beatifully eventhough I reboot it once a month with luck


    			 <shaper><ezshaper><rule><step6>appleremotedesktop	m_Other AppleRemoteDesktop1 outbound/inbound	<c>D
    			m_Other AppleRemoteDesktop2 outbound/inbound
    			m_Other AppleRemoteDesktop3 outbound/inbound
    			m_Other AppleRemoteDesktop4 outbound/inbound
    pcanywhere		NO rules					<pcanywhere>D</pcanywhere>
    icq			m_Other IRC outbound/inbound
    			m_Other IRC outbound/inbound
    jaber			NO rules					<jabber>D</jabber>
    aolinstantmessenger	NO rules					<aolinstantmessenger>D</aolinstantmessenger>
    msnmessenger		NO rules					<cc>D
    mysqlserver		NO rules					<mysqlserver>D</mysqlserver>
    cvsup			NO rules					<cvsup>D</cvsup></cc></c></step6></rule></ezshaper></shaper> 

  • Strange.  In my ezshaper section I have: