Web traffic issue

  • I am configuring a pfsense box.  I have 3 red and 3 green and a DMZ.  On 2 of the reds I can access the internet fine as well as emails.  On 1 of the red (a new NIC I've just put in) it will allow emails being sent and received (so IMAP and SMTP works) but it wont access any web pages. (so I'm guessing its an issue with HTTP and HTTPS, I've not tried FTP yet so I cant comment on that).

    I'm thinking after getting the firewall rules the same as the working NICS that it would be a NAT issue?  I didn't want to post in the NAT forum in case it wasn't that that is causing the problem.

    outbound NAT is set to automatic, 1:1 is blank and port forwarding is empty.

  • gonna need more info:

    what pfsense version are you running
    generally i'd think if any tcp protocol is working, then all tcp protocols could work if there is no firewalling issue.

    Post screenshots of interface config / firewall rules on LANS / routing table / traceroutes / …

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