DNS Issue or TCP ?

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    I'm not quite sure what this is about and how to fix it.  Since I upgraded from pfSense 2.1 beta 0 to 2.1 beta 1 on my Soekris router I find that DNS has been blocked on my network.  What I mean by that is that my workstation continues to function as normal.  Web pages and e-mail are downloaded.  Everything works.  My three other machines on the same network do not download pages after the upgrade.  DNS is not there for the other machines.  Tried to reboot the machines and the pfSense router to see if that might fix it.  Doesn't make any difference.  Tried 'traceroute -nl' on my workstation. Some healthy numbers come up on the screen.  On my other machines the command line stands still.  No result.

    Any suggestions ?  Would put more technical info here but there's not much to grab without a functional DNS system.

  • I don't know if that's related to integration dnsmasq 2.64 that had a regression basically killing off caching.
    I didn't lose DNS but ran into timeouts when I realized that this was an upstream regression. 2.65 will be part of the builds as soon as the ports get rebuilt.

    Do you get better results if you do a traceroute to a remote IP address (try the google public NS) or can you pass DNS requests to this server from you machines like 'host <somename>'</somename>

  • Just have patience, sleep for one night (don't scare santa (a.k.a the "coca cola man") away)
    The next build (dec 24th) should implement the newest dnsmasq v2.65. ( http://redmine.pfsense.org/projects/pfsense/activity )

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    I just rebuilt dnsmasq so the snapshots won't have the new version until later today. There is a set building now that still doesn't have it in there.

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