Only can browse google

  • Hi All,

    I have setup a pfsense on vSphere 5 and working normally. But after I move to new home my ISP require me change the WAN interface from DHCP to ADSL modem, after I create a new PPPoE connection that can dial up and get the WAN IP and ISP DNS but I only can browse "" and type something to search that will show a result normally, but when I go to another site or click the search result the browser will timeout and didn't show anything.

    On the pfsense, I can use ns lookup to resolve any site both on pfsense or client machine, so I try to reinstall the pfsense, but same problem. Then I try a 3G modem as PPP connection and it normal. After that I try to install ClearOS with the DSL modem and PPPoE and it work fine.

    So is anything I missed on the pfsense configuration?


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