• The ability to create dynamic pf rules for authenticated users (using authpf) would be very useful.  For instance: allow network access to the sftp server in your DMZ only to users you know, who can authenticate themselves.  (These users may have dynamic IP addrs, so you can't create simple ACLs for them).  authpf is certainly a more simple, elegant solution than port-knocking.

    Please search the forum/mailinglist. I remember that there has been some discussion on this already.

    Yes, I've searched the forum:


    and previous posts from 2005, like:


    They were all inconclusive.  There seems to be opposition to authpf because of the pfsense philosophy of not having user accounts on the box.  I understand that philosophy, but it's not as if you're giving these users a (normal) shell and the ability to tinker with pfsense innards.