CableModem monitoring Package

  • I know in the past I have used firewall distributions that have had packages which allow you to monitor the stats on the cablemodem, like the up/down channels, frequencies, power levels, etc. Is there anything like this for pfSense? Is there some generic software out there that I can turn into a package if need be to run on pfSense? Suggestions?

  • Yes there is some software you could turn into a package to do as you wish, although it would be overkill for this purpose alone.
    Munin and cacti have plugins to monitor cable modems.

    What would be really nice, is if someone more familiar with the internals of pfsense and specifically the RRD graphs could pipe in on creating a package to add additional graphs.

    presumably in this case, the only thing you would need is a shell script and the know how to tie into the existing RRD framework, and you would have what you need.

    One of the pitfalls of your wish, is it would appear most cable modems report the information differently and a lot require you to scrape/parse the information off a page.

  • Yeah, although it should be easy to pig up different scripts to grab from different modem types. I will have to look into making something like this and turning it into a package that makes RRD scripts. I have a bunch of time off over the holidays so this could be a fun little project.

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