Traffic Shaping between vlans

  • Hello,

    I created 4 vlans on pfsense web interface. I want to set 7mega max each vlans (if they are using the full bandwith, 7mega max, at the same time). Given that my wan bandwidth has 30mega.

    If three (or one or two) of my vlans do not use their full bandwidth, I want the remaining vlan(s) can use the bandwidth not used by the other (up to 30 mega max).
    For example with two vlans :

    • 1st vlan : using only 2Mb
    • 2nd vlan : using 7Mb (max)  <–--- then possibility to get the remaining 5Mb not used on vlan1

    What configurations can I make on pfSense traffic shaping panel to achieve this?

    Hope my english is understandable. Thanks in advance for your kind advices.

  • Sorry but this isn't currently possible, I wish it was.  The traffic shapers on different interfaces/vlans cannot communicate with each other, so there is no way to allow one interface to use bandwidth until another interface needs it.

    You can easily setup each vlan to only allow a certain amount of download bandwidth with the wizards.  So you can setup each vlan to only allow 7Mbit/s

    Dividing up the upload bandwidth is harder since that all has to happen on the wan interface queues.  You can only shape traffic that is being transmitted. You will need to manually create queues, and then create rules that assign traffic to those queues based on which vlan the traffic is coming from.


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