Static Route from Zywall USG100 to Pfsense 2.0.x ???

  • Hi..

    I have this screenshot from the Zyxel Zywall…

    Should I add a static route under…

    Never tried this before , so therefore these screenshots…

    I do not yet know more details about the network where the Zywall
     should be replaced , but have setup their NAT rules so far...


  • Yes you need a static route there, to that destination network and mask, and that gateway IP.

  • Hi Cmb…

    Okay , but how do it...

    What i want is to allow DMZ to route traffic to the static route.

    DMZ  =
      Route =

    Tried to make a static route by making a GateWay and
      add the for net to route.

    Does not work can not ping my PC on from

    Should the gateway be something else ???

    Search the net for a couple of days , but for us idiots there is not any
      useful documentation...

    /Best Michael

  • Static routes are as basic as they come, documentation isn't required since those who need to use static routing have to understand it, though it's covered in in good depth.

    Our static route fields have the same names as those in Zywall, not sure where the confusion is? Fill in the same values.

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