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  • Hi…

    I have a Pc on a VLAN but I can not ping it , see screenshot...

    I have open for everything in the firewall , no success....



    1. 802.1Q VLAN capable switch - every decent managed switch manufactured since about
    the year 2000 supports 802.1Q VLAN trunking. You cannot use VLANs with an unmanaged

    VLAN Tag 1 - reserved for switches…

    Think that is my problem. My Switch in unmanaged no setup at all...

    /Best Michael

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, generally you need to use a managed switch. It is possible using some combinations of NIC, driver and OS to have the client computer connect directly to the vlan traffic without using a switch to strip/add vlan tags. This may not be possible in your case and it will complicate things considerably. It would be better to get a suitable switch, the Netgear GS108T is widely used and cheap.

    If you do get a switch you should not use tag '1' as it's often used internally by the switch as you quoted.
    Also you should try to avoid having tagged and untagged traffic on the same pfSense interface, this can cause trouble.


  • It's not possible to configure VLANs with an unmanaged switch, unmanaged switches don't support 802.1Q. You'll have to get a managed switch and configure its VLANs accordingly to match the firewall (and don't use 1). Explained in depth on firewall and switch side in

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