2 thumbs up to pfSense devs !

  • Hello All,

    Just wanted to post a postitive write up!
    Been running pfSense for about 4 years now on three machines at three different school buildings. Never one hiccup.
    About 5 days ago we had a HD drive fail on one of them> I did not have any of the three nmachine s in geomirror Raid 1. So I had to re-install pfSense-2.0.1-RELEASE. I had regularly saved comfigs on each of the three machines.
    A quick re-install of pfSense-2.0.1-RELEASE from the trusty usb stick I had saved in the server room,,and uploaded the saved config and in about 45 mins  the pfSense machine was back in the server rack with ALL of the saved configs includings added blacklists ,,whitelists and such I had manually entred!
    How sweet! Now I know the config,,does restore everything!
    This time I did do a geomirror raid 1 setup !

    Thanks again to the pfSense dev team!


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    You might check this out to make the install/restore smoother next time (if you need it):

  • Thanks!

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