Multi-WAN, have 2 IPs point to the exactly same resources.

  • Hello. Have configured Multi-WAN as following:

    and turned off monitoring. The gateways work fine.

    What I want to do now, is to make sure that if a packet comes in at WAN2 and is port-forwarded to a server, its response should go out on WAN2 (eg with source= .68) and if a packet comes in at WAN1 and is port forwarded to a server, its response should go out on WAN1 (eg source= .88).
    All traffic from inside is configured to go out on WAN1.

    Basically, both WAN's should behave like they were 2 completely identical networks hooked up to the internet. I need this config because my registrar is a bit poo-poo in the head and wont let me configure the domain if I dont have 2 nameservers, and it groans when entering the same IP in both fields for nameserver, so lets get this working by have 2 public IPs pointing to the same physical machine!

  • Having the same WAN gateway IP is only supported with PPPoE.

  • Solved it.
    Had to put a simple router between the second uplink and the firewall, and DMZing that router.
    Now I have 2 IPs that point to the same resources given that firewall rules are correctly defined.

    It was that 2 gateway IPs cannot be same. But why? Why not add support for it by identifying gateways via other means?

  • Because it is technically impossible with the OS pfsense is using. The developers have looked at numerous ways to work around this issue.
    No sollution today … perhaps in future releases of Freebsd this might be possible.

  • can an admin confirm this?
    I am having the same problem.

  • sebastiannielsens solution is the only one without using PPPoE.

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