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  • Hello,

    If you have not too much clients like me, and also have routing/natting with reverse proxy backends/servers that make difficult to see clients source addresses in tcp/https mode, this widget i've made (thanks to Marcelloc for his pfBlocker Widget that i use to start building this HAProxy widget, and Willy for his HAProxy explanations) is for you !

    You could also Enable/Disable Backends/Servers as in stats page.

    Tested with latest release of HAProxy-full 1.4.21 pkg v 1.0 package on pfsense 2.0.1

    The only requirement is to install socat on your pfsense box

    Widget files/readme: https://github.com/jvorhees/pfsense/tree/master/Widgets/Haproxy

    Post here if you like it, or want to say something about ;-)


  • jvorhees,

    Thanks for your contributuion. I'll try to merge it to haproxy when I have time.  :)

    Marcello Coutinho

  • You're welcome !

    it's my first contribution for this amazing firewall distribution, and sorry for nested foreach loops in php code ;)


  • Hey jvorhees,

    Do you have 'plans' on making this widget available as a 'standalone' package?

    Im currently changing the haproxy-devel package. And would like to include your widget in its installation package.

    Would you mind if i did so.?

    Greets PiBa-NL

    p.s. If you want to 'maintain' a package and get it committed to the main development tree it its easier to create a 'fork' on github from the main pfSense-packages tree, commit you changes to the fork and then send 'pull requests'.

  • Hello PiBa,

    Feel free to include it !

    I've no plan for now, but i stay tuned !


    PS: Thank you for the package maintaining information (i had no "where to start in working with pfsense packages ? build,rules,the right way…"), i will get back to you when i have time for this !!!

  • For your information, the widget is now included in the HAProxy-devel1.5-dev18 package.
    Made a few improvements to it to also:
    -Options configurable from the WebGUI.
    -Faster server enable/disable responses.
    -Dropped socat requirement.

    Check it out if you want 8)

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