X520-DA2 Drivers in 2.0.2 build?

  • I've just bought a really cheap X520-DA2 PCI-E card. Will this card work using the 2.0.2 build or will I have to compile drivers etc?


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    The X520-DA2 appears to be using the Intel 82599 controller.
    It is supported by the ixgbe(4) driver. It is supported by FreeBSD 8.3 and therefore pfSense 2.1 but I'm unsure about 2.0.2.
    There are reports of it working under 8.1 (the base OS of 2.0.2) but also some failure reports.  :-\


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    At one point we did bring the e1000 drivers from HEAD/STABLE into 2.0.x but that doesn't include the 10gb drivers. 2.1 is going to be the only way to get those if it's supported on 8.3 but not 8.1.

  • Apologies for being a complete noob, but is 2.1 still to come?

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    It's currently in beta. http://snapshots.pfsense.org/

  • And I can confirm that the X520-DA2 is pushing packets happily with 2.1.

    Just check out the networking tuning page on the wiki, look in the driver documentation from Intel in FreeBSD
    (they recommend some higher mbuf, so does FreeNAS for 10GE) and the NIC will work like a charm.

    Additionally I decided to limit the maximum hw.ixgbe.num_queues. I haven't done any heavy tests by now, but so far, no hickups with 2.1.

  • Mat

    Thanks for the info. What SFP modules are you using with your card?



  • Hi

    I've read in other places that Intel, like a couple of known switch vendors like Cisco or HP do check the EPROM data of the SFP(+) module.
    I use a passive DAC cable from Netgear since the other side of the cable ends into a Netgear switch. Afaik Intels NICs don't seem to verify anything with DAC cables so far.

    For the reference, this might come in handy for you:

    (following is not meant as advertisement if perceived as such I can modify, it's based on personal experience)
    Personally for fibre modules, I've become quite a fan of the german SFP maker "FlexOptix" via recommendation of a local network operator. They are able to program the EPROM to match the vendor-checking data to your required device - and in case you change the vendor, these SFPs are reprogrammable. Even their vendor-preprogrammed transceivers are much cheaper, especially 10G and (C/D)WDM optics. I've not had any issue with one of their optics so far on both Netgear and Cisco gear. (and Cisco is quite known for being very nit-picky if no branded transceiver is detected)

    Hope that helps :-)

  • i use it in 2.0.1 with drivers built by me using sources from Intel web site

  • @wladikz:

    i use it in 2.0.1 with drivers built by me using sources from Intel web site

    Thanks for the info, but I wouldn't have the first clue in creating drivers - any hints/tips?