Squid error message : wrong time

  • After getting squid and squidguard to work as intended, I'm having the following issue.

    The time settings in General Setup are correct (Europ/Amsterdam).
    Current time & data showed in dashboard are correct.
    All logs I can find show correct the correct time.  (squidguard -> Blocked log // system activity // status -> system logs)
    PHP execute to show current time shows.. the correct current time.

    But, when going to a site blocked the error message shows the time an hour earlier. Apparently Squid itself also uses this time and blocks the websites with a difference of 1 hour also.

    a litle side info :
    facebook is blocked with a firewall / alias combination on a shedule (Mon - Sun 0:15-12:30 & Mon - Sun 13:15-23:59 ).
    Squid is used to block other sites (social, xxx, shopping, ..).

    People are off course complaining they cannot reach the sites they want during their break.

    1. Should I split the firewall schedules with half a day at a time and just duplicate the rule with another schedule?
    2. Where am I missing a time setting for Squid? Maybe daytime issue? Does squid use the motherboard time? (which is also OK but maybe it shifted since I last rebooted).

  • Squid time:

    Firewall shedule:
    If I remember correct on SYSTEM –> ADVANCED there is an option to reset firewall states when a shedule changed.

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