Call to undefined function curl_init() (bug #1918)

  • I'm having the problem described in bug #1918, but that bug was rejected, saying to post to the Forum or mailing list, so here I am:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /etc/inc/ on line 1457

    I get this in the firware update section, and it appears to be adversely affecting installing new packages and dynamic DNS.

    Does anyone have a workaround?

  • Netgate Administrator

    pfSense version?
    Clean install or upgrade?
    Do you have packages installed?

    Have you tried the suggestions in ?


  • That means you're missing or have broken part of PHP itself. Usually that only happens when people mess around with pkg_add and their own custom things, though it's possible an unstable package could have somehow broken php5-curl. Applying a firmware update to the version you're already running will fix PHP, though it'd be good to know how you got it to that point in the first place, if there's a specific package that breaks php5-curl it needs to be removed or fixed.

  • I'm thinking that my pkg_add of a newer curl broke things at some point. Comparing to an absolutely clean installation, I discovered the following difference:

    diff php.ini php.ini.prev 

    Fixing that fixed the issue.

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