Upload/Download Bandwith guaranteed in 1 connection

  • Hello.

    I'm a happy user of pfsense 2.0 in a installation with this configuration:

        VLAN2        pfsense -> 20mb/2mb DSL connection
        VLAN3    /

    The installation plan was with this configuaration guaranteed a minimum bandwith for VLAN and if the rest was unused, use all the free bandwith. This in both ways, upload and download.

    After thousands trials I could not get the expected results, mainly because the bandwith guarantee in version 2.0 only worked in one direction, upload or donwload. Finally I decided to use fixed bandwith for VLAN in both ways as a Salomonic decision.

    Now, with new versions and long time since the installation, I'll like know if this has changed.

    There is any solution for this kind of configuration?


    P.S. 1: Behind any VLAND can be 1 or more PCs.
    P.S. 2: There is only 1 WAN.
    P.S. 3: The bandwith guarantee is for VLAN regardless of the protocol use (FTP, Web, P2P ...)

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