Compact flash image sizes which one is best to use

  • I would like to ask about the different image sizes when installing to compact flash I see 512 megs 1,2, and 4 gig images. I must ask whats the benfit of going with a larger image file over using a smaller install file?

  • I would say little to no difference.  In some theories the larger images might help with wear leveling, if that's even a feature of the firmware of the CF card, but at the same time it's highly possible that if the card did have wear leveling it'd still work even with a smaller partition.  Again, at the same time, it's not like the Nano versions are writing to the cards much.

    Some info/discussion here:,55760.msg298016.html#msg298016

    If someone has more/better/deeper info, I'd be interested as well.  I'm building a new box and I'm debating "things".

    (I have a bunch of IDE to CF adapters, but only 256MB CF cards, so I'd have to buy new, or I've got a few physically small 1GB and 2GB USB sticks sitting around, or…)

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