VIP for openvpn failover

  • Hi guys,
    I have two wan connections.
    gw1 is set to
    gw2 is set to

    GW1 is always stable (Cable connection)
    GW2 is an VDSL connection (very fast but due to our location it sometimes drops)

    At the moment, I have openvpn listening on GW1 only but it would be much nicer and faster if we can combine the two (failover) in case the VDSL drops.
    I have configured the openvpn and it works like a charm. the problem is that the cable modem is not fast enough and should work as a backup.
    What I was hoping to do is to create a vip (already done externally using DNS) but internally to set it up as a failover and set gw2 as a primary.

    Is that doable or am I asking too much?

    Cheers and thanks in advance,


  • In 2.0.x that's done via routing protocol, most commonly OSPF. In 2.1 you can bind OpenVPN instances to a gateway group as another option.

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