How to delete 400 GB in /usr/local/sarg-reports/ ?

  • I have a big squid log and sarg reports make 450 GB reports and eat all free space! I removed sarg package and want my space back. So i just tried

    rm -rf sarg-reports/

    but this takes one day to remove 5% of the files. Is there a faster way to delete this folder and get space back to the OS?

  • you do not need to remove sarg package, just select how many days to keep reports and enable compress on schedules on gui options and it will save space and do the rm -rf for you.

    I'm not sure if there is a faster way to remove it.

  • I remove it because I need to solve problem with the space first an then install and reconfigure again. When disk is full you can not login on GUI page because PHP doesn't work  ;)

    I can not find faster way to delete files. My current progress: 20%…

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    you can open multiple ssh sessions and rm different subdirectories from each shell. That's the only way it might get faster, and even that's a stretch.

    It's just not a very speedy filesystem operation when it comes to that amount of data.

  • I seem to remember that the fastest way to remove huge amount of files would be using: find -delete

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you have a bunch of files in a single directory, yes, but if it's a whole tree you're looking to remove, rm on its own is faster I believe.

  • Ok, after 3 days files are deleted…
    @jimp: I tried multiple SSH sessions but I just want to find some magic hack and delete like NTFS - just mark file as deleted and space is free. But now I know - just wait  ;)

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