Multi WAN Routing with Same Gateways from ISP…solutions?

  • My ISP recently changed their setup giving me all four of my modems the same gateway IP, causing me no traffic on two of them..this is common scenario on these boards I have found out.  (2.0.2)

    In digging around a bit I have found these solutions.

    1.  Get another ISP
    2., Virtualize PFsense and have multiple instances,53037.0.html
    3.  NAT the modem first

    From the comments from the admins and power users,  that the preference is the NAT'd solution, is this correct?

    Several of you admin have mentioned that this is the only other way you would recommend solving this issue.

    (Ok, so lets say I have a bunch of DD-WRT routers and install them in between my ISP modems and my WANs thereby allowing me to control their gateways and make sure that they are different.  \ Create rules to pretty much fwd everything to the WAN on the pfsense install.)

    Outside of the fact that it probably greatly increases the complexity of the network because more things can go wrong, what OTHER things will it affect.  i.e. firewall rules would be a little more complicated but they could ALL be made to work, correct.  What about latency?  Has anyone actually done this and succeeded, or is this just a theory people throw out there but none like so nobody tries it.  Another main service I use is OPENVPN for Voip…would this still be doable?  Would it affect that negatively?

    It doesn't look like this issue may be solved soon...(if ever) so will need to stick with pfsense OR is there another solution that I overlooked?  Different OS?

    Am all ears!

  • Solution for multi-wan routing with same gateway from ISP

    Symptoms:  Only one (or maybe two) modems out of four would work because of the ISP giving out the same gateway IP.  (Turns out it can be caused also from two gateways on the same subnet.)

    Solution below:
    Ok, I opted for option 3…bought three Linksys WRT54GL series routers...

    upgraded to current DD-WRT firmware (first with basic upgrade then with full package upgrade)

    then set WAN (default gateway on pfsense) to normal without router.
    then configured WAN2 on Router1 to be
    then configured WAN3 on Router2 to be
    then configured WAN4 on Router3 to be

    later I setup with OPENDNS,NOIP, and set port fwds with anything I need to have come in.

    My network was network.

    From my network I can acccess each modem and configure as needed.

    KEY is that if you set each modem to and 1.2, and 1.3 you will get the same errors.  They need to be on separate subnets and then things are peachy.  It is not an IT dream solution but it actually is working pretty good so far and has become quite stable.

    At least I didn't have to toss PFSENSE quite yet…

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