Bridge probably misconfiguired

  • I originally posted here thinking that my pfsense box was not correctly applying firewall rules to one of my interfaces. When I looked into it further I found other problems.  Here is a description of my network:
    WAN EM0: (Switch0 GATEWAY)
    IP 12.XXX.XXX.6
    Gateway 12.XXX.XXX.1
    Nameserver 12.X.X.1 12.X.X.2

    LAN EM1: (Switch1 VLAN0))
    DHCP -

    OPT EM2:(Switch1 VLAN1))
    Netmask NONE

    IP (Do I even need an IP on this?)
    WAN + OPT

    ESXI MGMT NIC1: (Switch1 VLAN1)
    IP 12.XXX.XXX.7

    ESXI NIC2: (Switch1 VLAN0)

    PROXMOX NIC1: (Switch1 (VLAN1) POOL1
    IP 12.XXX.XXX.8

    PROXMOX NIC2: (Switch1 VLAN1) POOL2

    VIP Alias:

    NAT 1 to 1:
    WAN 12.XXX.XXX.9 LAN
    WAN 12.XXX.XXX.10 LAN
    WAN 12.XXX.XXX.11 LAN

    NAT Outbound:

    I have 2 servers with 2 NICs in each. One is ESXI and the other Proxmox. I had Pfsense working before with the management interfaces of my servers just plugged in to a separate switch. I then added a NIC to my pfsense box  and want this bridged to the WAN so that I can have Public IPS behind it for the management interfaces and for a few other servers that wont work with 1:1. I created my bridge added OPT and WAN to it then assigned a Bridge interface. Now that it is done I can access the machines that are behind it but they can not access DNS, ping the gate and other odd behavior. I have been watching my syslog for a possibility that I had rules configured incorectly but that doesn't seem to be the case. I assume I have something incorrect but just cant find it.

    Everything on my LAN that uses 1:1 is still working just fine. Thanks for the help

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