Proxy report

  • hi friend I am new in here ,I get contact with pfsense on the last week ,I feel it is interesting to know about it ….......

    My problem arise here  I configure proxy squid , light squid , squid guard . when I select proxy report from status
    I dont know what is the problem for this I used it for testing purpose if success here I will Implement on my firm

  • Try reinstallation of Lightsquid.  If that does not work, full Lightsquid package removal and reinstallation.  From experience, sometimes these errors are fixed with a package reinstall.

  • Don't know the exactly solution - please search the forum you will find some solutions for that.
    As far as I know there were problems with different perl versions und wrong symlinks and so on.

    Another solution could be to just run the and see if it works or not.
    Doing a "full refresh" on the GUI and click "CTRL+F5" to reload the browser windows/logs without the browser cache

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