• Hello,

    I have question how to config such thing:

    ISP gw ip 1.x.x.1/30
    my p2p ISP assinged IP: 1.x.x.2/30
    my public assinged IPs: 2.x.x.x/26

    My ISP is routing my public subnet (2.x.x.x/26) to ISP assinged IP (1.x.x.2/30) i want to setup two pfsense box with CARP and pfsync.

    what i want to setup:

        |        |
        –--          ----
          |              |
          internal switch
      interal servers network

    i want to use in "internal servers network" private ips from 192.168.x.x/24 network, and do the 1:1 NAT on pfsense box.

    is it possible? and how to setup that?

    thx lot.

  • It is possible. Since your subnet should be routed to you, you don't need proxy ARP. Add them under Virtual IP as type "other", then you can configure the 1:1 NAT as you desire.

  • Yes I already know that, it is working now with configuration of one pfsense, i'm wondering how to configure everything to be working with CARP failover etc..

    now i have 1.x.x.2/30 as my WAN address and my public network assinged as other VIPs, then i'm doing 1:1 NAT.

    and now how to add 2-nd pfsense box? what ip should i use as WAN address on each pfsense? what ip should i use as WAN CARP ip? can i still use private IPs 192.168.x.x inside my LAN?

    realy? noone knows? :(