Poor performance /w pfsense hardware issue?

  • Hi,

    we are having odd trouble with a brand new PFSense box, in terms of not getting good enough performance out of the system.

    The client has a new 100Mbit/s fibre connection which works fine. If I plugin my laptop directly, I get 10MB/s download speeds with both speedtest and wget.

    I also get very nice performance when I use fetch on the firewall box to download a big linux image, around 10MB/s as well.

    But on the LAN side I get very poor performance, speedtest is usually around 27Mbit/s and linuximage downloads using wget very their speeds a lot, averaging less than 1MB/s.

    The hardware is a 1U Supermicro-box:

    Supermicro A+ Server AS1010S-MR 1U Opteron 100 1xSATA 260W
    AMD Opteron 170 dual core 2000 MHz 1+1 MB (Socket 939)
    and 2GB of RAM
    Intel PWLA8492MT PRO/1000 MT Dual Port Server Adapter 2x1000Base-T 64-bit PCI-X

    it is running the lates 2.0.2 amd64 version. I have only openvpn and the OpenVPN Client Export Utility  installed and running, no other firewall rules or settings.

    I use em0 from the Intel card as WAN, and have tried both em1 and bge1 as LAN ports, but the performance is the same on both ports. The WAN has been set to 100baseTX-full duplex as per the instructions of the ISP, and the upload speeds are fine all the time.

    Where has all my performance gone? Do I need to tweak the hardware or the pfsense installation?

    There are no errors or collisions on the interfaces, routing works ok, there is hardly any load on the system, only a couple of hundred states etc. Nothing that in my mind explains the lack or performance.

    I am open to all suggestions and ideas, as this is starting to be an issue for us.


  • Netgate Administrator

    I would look for an interface mismatch on the LAN interface. Perhaps a bad cable or switch?
    The fact you are getting good performance via fetch from the pfSense cli indicates it's a LAN side problem as you have said.


  • Netgate Administrator

    That's just taken me a good minute staring at the picture to spot the error. Clearly out too late last night.  ;)


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