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  • Hello,

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    Trying to get PFS 2.0.1 to work with DNS-O-Matic and Sitelutions.  I have my domain registered with Sitelutions and an "A" record created and I am trying to get PFS to update the WAN address to DNS-O-Matic and then to the Sitelutions DNS servers when my cable company hands out a new DHCP to my cable box (happens several times a month).

    Does anyone have any experience with the three mentioned above that could lend me some insight??

    Here's what I have tried:

    • Generated an ID for an "A" record on the Sitelutions web site.
    • Setup the DNS-O-Matic service with the UN/PW (assuming it is the login UN/PW) and entered the Sitelutions ID as host/identifier.
    • Setup a DNS-O-Matic entry in PFS and tried to enter the actual "A" host ( and also tried entering the ID (1234567) that Sitelutions gave me to no avail.

    I never see an update happen and on the DNS-O-Matic site it continually says "Waiting for first update".

    It seems like it should be a simple three way comm, but I am clearly a newbie to Dynamic DNS and an sure I am missing something.

    Any help is much appreciated!!!

    Sorry for my stupidity up front!!!!!

    DDNS Newb!!!

  • Trying to do the same thing with no luck. Any help would greatly be appreciated.



  • Here are my settings for DNS-O-Matic

    Disable - unchecked
    Service type - DNS-O-Matic
    Interface to monitor - WAN
    Hostname -
    MX - blank
    Username - DNS-O-Matic login name
    Password - DNS-O-Matic password
    Description - anything you'd like here

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