Can 1G embedded image support proxy, snort and other features?

  • Hey everyone.  I've been happily enjoying my pfsense install on my ALIX board with a 1GB CF card for almost a year now and while things have been working great so far I've sort of gotten an itch to try some of the other features it has to offer.  Specifically I'm wondering if I'll be able to play around with snort, squid, and openvpn.

    Currently I'm using some of the more standard features like DHCP and I'm running the 2.1 dev version to support an IPv6 tunnel from Hurricane Electric.

    The last time I played around with a proxy server (on another fw) I recall that you needed to assign a certain amount of disk space for the cache.  With a 1GB flash card I see from my dashboard that I have 92% disk usage which means that I don't think that I can use this feature.  Is this correct?

    Any comments or tips are greatly appreciated.


  • Common CF cards have a limited number of write cycles. Applications that do lots of sustained disk writes don't play nicely with such cards. If you want to play with squid for an extended period it might be prudent to replace your CF by a SSD (or at least have another CF on standby).

    The Alix seems to be a nice system for a basic firewall BUT it probably doesn't have enough RAM to be able to do anything very useful with squid and snort.

  • Thanks.  I think I figured as much.  Maybe I'll try and find a spare netbook and get a USB ethernet dongle to play around with some of the other features and still keeping a low energy footprint.


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