Cannot get DansGuardian to work on pfSense 2.0.2

  • Hi,

    first of all: I am new to Dansguardian. I want content filtering on my internetconnection and that's why I installed the package on a working pfSense setup. However; after following the post on I still cannot internet when i setup port 8080 as a proxy in my browser let alone set it up as a transparent proxy (which is my goal). Can anyone tell me what I might do wrong ?

    Thanks in advance!


  • dansguardian requires squid installed too, what squid version are you using?

    can you try to start it on console/ssh to see if there are startup erros?

    Did you configured all dansguardian tabs?

  • Hi Marcelloc,

    thanks for taking your time to reply!
    Well all I want is the content filter, not so badly the web caching feature. But if you say I need it then I will install it:)
    I do not really understand all the info on the rest of the tabs. The problem is that I cannot find good documentation about setting up dansguardian on pfSense. Or is it somewhere to be found ?

    Please let me know ! I would be very happy with adding this content filter to pfsense for free content filtering :D

  • Ok so I installed Squid and I can browse the internet through port 3128. There is no filtering yet on websites (typed in a 'bad' site and unfortunately I was able to reach that) but that's probably cause this is the port from Squid for caching and I have to use 8080 for content filtering from Dansguardian ? Cause when I use 8080 I'm not able to reach any site but that can probably be resolved by setting up NAT forwards.

    Any idea how I can get port 8080 from Dansguardian to work ?

  • dansguardian needs a cache server to forward requests to.

    configure it to forward to squid on the first package config file.

    users -> dansguardian -> squid -> internet

  • Ok I got it to work! But I cannot browse the internet. Google is about the only site that works without issues but all the other sites just won't load. Any idea ? Is this default behaviour for Dansguardian or Squid ?

  • you need to see log files.

    on option on squid 3 that fix https is dn_v4_first

  • Where can I find the logfiles ? And I installed the Squid package, not Squid3. Do I need to install this to work properly ?

  • @bramqu:

    Where can I find the logfiles ? And I installed the Squid package, not Squid3. Do I need to install this to work properly ?

    You can choose what squid version to use.

    dansguardian log files dir: /var/log/dansguardian
    squid log files if enabled on gui: /var/squid/logs

  • Thanks I will check that out!

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