Redirecting all users to internal webserver

  • Hi Folks.
    is it possible to redirect users to specific location (internal webserver) with pfsense.
    if they want to download certain file types (.zip, .rar, .exe) from internet.
    i had a look at the layer7 stuff but it only had an option to block, NO Redirection.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Maybe something squid can do in transparent mode?

  • I re-read this and its clear I made some assumptions in my head about what you are trying to do.  Are you trying to re-direct them so the download of these file types occurs locally or are you re-directing in order to scan them for viruses, etc?

  • Hi  loupalladino
    Yes i'm trying to redirect the users to a internal webserver where "thebear" front end tool for "aria2" is hosted so that users can download files using the "thebear". Yes,if i can only redirect users web address based on the download extension .zip, .mp3 .rar than my mission would be accomplished.
    Many Thanks

  • Namaste/konichiwa, pfsense gurus.
    could you please show me the way, it's total dark over here.
    what i want to do using pfsense is,
    If users browser's url is detected as or .rar or.exe
    Pfsense should redirect the user to my internal webserver where the bear is running.
    and user can download it from thebear's page.
    for it i have made 2 softwares running in my network

    1. The RPC Listener

    1. The Front End Tool

    in which direction to look for  ? I will walk the way myself :-)
    Is this possible with pfsense ?

  • Finally i did it.
    Special thanks to kalu  :P

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