Can I install packages without connecting to the Internet?

  • I've installed an update manually, but I don't see any packages in my package list  :'(
    My server is not connected to the internet, because my provider support only connecting through PPTP VPN. Can I install a TFTPD package from my client machine?

  • The packagelist as well as the packages itself are pulled from the internet. Atm we don't provide another way to install packages afaik. You have to temporarily connect your box somehow to the internet for packageinstallation. 1.1 will have some more options from what I have heared from colin (he writes the packagesystem).

  • Dear,

    There is a way to install packages via command line with off line packages,, customized package parameters via command line, edit configuration files of packages ?


    TuanND from VIETNAM

  • Not at the moment.  This will be addressed in 1.1.