• Hello all,
    Thanks for your help in advantage.
    I've found many documentations with 2 host (pfsense with carp active/passive or active/active) but i want to know if I can create a infrastructure with tree nodes active/active/active. If yes, if anybody can give me a help with a documentation.


  • You can do active/passive/passive, not multiple active systems.

    Why active-active isn't what you think:,56863.msg303468.html#msg303468

  • Slightly off topic, but related.

    How could I achieve the following example

    there are 2 sites connected via a low latency wireless bridge (100Mb over 15KM)

    I want to do this without having to have a seperate subnet for each site, and a seperate pfSense clusters at each site

    Trying to achieve a single broadcast domain I suppose would be the best term.

    This would allow me to have VLANs across the two sites without having to have seperate IP ranges for all the VLANs (reducing admin overhead as theere are 20+ VLANs) which will then turn into 40+ subnets If I have to route it all between them.

    I was initially thinking active/active could have been used to achieve that

    Site 1. pfSense-1 and pfSense-2
    Site 2. pfSense-3 and pfSense-4

    All of these 4 pfSense could have then formed a single VIP in the same broadcast domain

    is there another way around this?

    any other ideas would most be appreciated.

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