1 WAN - 2 DHCPs

  • Hello everybody

    didn't know if this is the right board, so please move the thread if not. :)
    My setup: 1 LAN, 1 WAN

    Sice some weeks, my ISP provides more than one IP address over DHCP. The idea, to aquire more than one IP on the same physical WAN port. Is there a possibility to do this on pfsense without using VLANs?


  • short anwer: no

    long answer:
    -its impossible to use multiple interfaces with the same gateway address (pppoe is an exception)  <– this rules out a solution with vlan's
    -its also not possible to lease 2 ip's on the same interface with dhcp-client as far as i know.

    the only thing you could do is:

        |            |

    Then you could portforward all ports from dlink/linksys to a secondary WAN interface on pfsense

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