Mutiwan and VoIP queue priority

  • Hi,

    Happy new year for all.

    I would like to know how I can configure traffic shapper for VoIP. I have 2 WANs, WAN1 and WAN2, and I have created 3 queues qAck, qDefault and qVoIP. qVoIP is for VoIP as its name indicated. This queue is working on the 2 interfaces. But, I would like VoIP to go first to WAN2 (and all the main traffic to WAN), but if WAN2 is down I would like VoIP to go to WAN. Should I use "Limiter" ?



  • Hi,

    I have noticed a problem with states table. I have an IP handset phone on my lan. It tries to connect to a external SIP server but it fails. In the state summary, I found : -> A.A.A.A:24725 -> with A.A.A.A is the WAN public IP. The problem is that this WAN IP is no more used by pfSense. It is an obsolete IP address.

    I should find : -> B.B.B.B:24725 -> with B.B.B.B the current WAN IP address.
    Once I have cleared all states with, the handset could connect to SIP server and work.



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