Best not-too-expensive build for VPN speed?

  • I am looking to replace my Cisco router/firewall with a pfSense box, and wanted to know what would be reasonable hardware platform (preferred embedded/rackable) for under $300 or so that would get decent VPN speed, both IPSec and OpenVPN? I know that without a VPN accelerator speeds may be somewhat limited, would I be able to reach at least 25 Mbps? Thank you very much!

  • Well if you are looking to do this on a budget you could use an old Watchguard firebox X.

    I will be using an Watchguard Firebox X550e (with upgrades). I just waiting for it to be shipped.

    According to information I have read and received on the forums these boxes can hit 50Mbps on the VPN. Of course YMMV and this is dependent on how many VPNs you are running.

    These boxes have gigabit interfaces (Marvell I believe).

    You can find them on ebay for pretty cheap, I got mine for $105 + shipping ($18). Take a look.

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    There is a good write up of an Atom D510 box with VPN speed testing here:,27780.0.html

    It offers similar performance to the Watchguard boxes. As a system it may be too expensive but you could build your own Atom based box for <$300.


  • Repurposed notebook that includes everything needed.  Console display, keyboard, built-in UPS, onboard NIC (vlan the WAN etc.).

    With lid/display closed it can even sit comfortably in a rack space.

    Even old stuff from way back in 2003 era like DELL Inspiron 5100 works well.

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