Static IP Mappings with MAC Addr for client.

  • Dear all !

    I'm new to pfsense. I'm having a problem the associated static ip via mac address. it the following error message:

    ( The Following input errors were detected: The IP address must not be within the DHCP range for this interface )

    Please help me some issue, Thank you very much.

  • It means what it says, you can't have a static mapping within the DHCP range, it has to be outside the range.

  • Many thanks for your support. Now i show some images sreenshot, please you can help me fix it.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    don't see any screenshots?

    Lets say you dhcp scope is .100 to .200

    You can set static ip, or dhcp reservations for IPs that are outside the scope < than .100 or > than .200

    So .201 or .99 would be good, but say .150 would not be valid for a static IP or dhcp reservation.

    Does that make it more clear?

  • Many thank all, I have completed the configuration pfsense :)