Most efficient way to install pfsense on oracle virtualbox

  • Hello Gentlemen,

    I'm a newbie who just got my hands on pfsense firewall implementation. I don't have resources to spare a physical box for this and therefore I've got to do this on virtualbox.

    I have been trying to narrow down a guide that describes the process of installing pfs on virtualbox but surprisingly there is only a very few out there. Approaches that are used in those guides also apparently quite different to one another. I will state below the areas that I seek knowledge on,

    1. What is the best version of pfsense to install on a virtualbox. Please note that the host machine where the virtualbox app has been installed has the following HW configuration.

    OS -Ubuntu 12.04 (64bit)
        Interl core i3
        Memory - 4GB
        HDD space - Enough

    I saw that some are recommending nanobsd version of pf on virtualbox. Should I go with that option or the corresponding live cd version?

    2. How should I configure the n/w adapters on virtualbox for a set up like below?

    my home network ( I would call this WAN

    DSL router -
    host1        -

    my lan network ( This I like to have  under virtualbox guests.

    host2  -

    I'd prefer to configure my pf's lan & wan interfaces as follows.

    em0 - (WAN)
    em1 - (LAN)

    Please share your inputs good people Im sure it will help not only me but whole bunch of newbies like me.

    Many thanks in advance


  • Why not try using the Pre-Built OVA files for Virtual Machines?;O=D

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