Problem whit OpenVPN

  • Hi people, I have one problem with OpenVPN. I will try to explain this.
    I have one pfsense server with 2.0.2 and this have one OpenVPN client.

    The OpenVPN is connected to VPNServer and this know all routes. I ping from the server to another lan and responds but from my lan, behind from my pfsense, I can't.

    I put in all interface one rules that permit the ICMP protocol, but this can't resolve my problem.

    I read this guide, and I do all step , but nothing, the ping not respond.

    The only diferent between this guide and my squema are the IP. This have two public ip on the wan and wan_home interface.

    I do not know if OpenVPN nedd public ip to work.

    Please can you help me?

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