Squid 3 reverse proxy and RDP

  • Trying to to get squid 3 reverse proxy to work with Remote Desktop Server.  I have a RDP web host server on one machine and web sites on several other machines.  When I try to setup the rdp.host.com to be redirected to the internal remote desktop server internally I either get a Squid error saying "The requested URL could not be retrieved"  or a IIS error 404 - File or directory not found.

    Not certain what I have wrong.

    Have set up a sever  pointing to the RDP web server

    Create a map for http:remote.host.com/rdweb
    and a map for https:/remote.host.com/rdweb

    Any help in how to fix this error would be appreciated.


  • I'm not an expert, but Since no one else has answered…..

    I would try just making a map for the host name.  ie, leave the /rdweb off.

    I don't have any easy way to test this, but I would bet that the URL getting passed is either "/" or "/rdweb/rdweb"


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