1 wan, 3 lans; 3 lan subnet on one interface howto

  • I have a big question. How can I realize the following system with pfsense, without a vlan switch?
    I have a single uplink with fixed ip. I wanna make 3 lan networks on one interface (In the cmts I have only 1 network socket)
    (The cmts is only a bridge, not a router):
    My pfsense box is x.y.25.2/24 (wan) and (lan)
    1. for my cable modems and my cmts [gw must be my pfsense]
    2. for my subscribers (these addresses are assigned to the computers) - that's OK, it's the basic config!
    3. x.y.25.0/24 public ip address range for my subscribers, who have special requests. [gw must be my pfsense box]

    Thank you for your help.

  • Multiple IP subnets on the same broadcast domain is a bad idea and not supported. You need a physical interface or VLAN interface for each subnet.

  • lol, buy a VLAn switch. They're not too much, and you'd only need to cover 4 ports. 3 ports are dedicated to their appropriate VLANs, and then the last is tagged with each, and connected to your pfSense box. It's a better setup.

  • Definitely separate the subnets - linksys have just launched a new cheap switch with VLAN capability (slm2005 / slm2008) cheapest I've so far seen

  • Wow, that is cheap. VLAN capability seems to be what separates the boys from the men, so to speak. The prices tend to jump like crazy.

    I actually recommened pfSense in a VM on a Dell desktop for someone recently, and it this option was cheaper than a decent router with VLAN abilities. (And I've convinced it will be more flexible, also) Go pfSense!