LAN -> Port-determined WAN Interface question

  • Hi All,

    Been racking my brains around if this is even possible with pfSense… basically with a LAN coming up, we have a 4Mb/4Mb internet connection which will be suitable for one particular game (over a particular set of ports). The game will only run for a short period of time, but in doing so will require almost all available bandwidth through that connection.

    I have a 3G modem that I was hoping to be able to add to pfSense to force all other traffic out during this particular game - so the question is (as I can't seem to find the answer myself), is it (and ideally if yes, how) possible to set up some rules as possible:

    Ports 5000-5500 via Cable Internet
    All other Ports via 3G Modem

    I don't believe the load balancer will help in this case (as presumably some players could end up on a really unreliable 3G link...).


  • A couple of opinions:

    -Stick with only the 4/4mb connection and use QoS to prioritize the game.


    -go by ip, figure out the i's of everyone playing the specific game and then have those  go through the 4/4 connection, and the rest through the other one, this should be doable with firewall rules.

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