Recent 3G/4G modem - ZTE MF821D on pfSense

  • Hi!

    I have a fairly new 3G/4G usb modem I'm trying to use with pfSense.

    Its a Telenor-branded (Norwegian provider) ZTE MF821D (USB ids: 19d2:0166)
    When I plug it in it pops up as a cdrom/mass storage device, sort of as expected.

    The device ID variation is somewhat uncommon and not in the list with usb_modeswitch, but I've managed to switch it anyway by reusing a known message for this device with my device ids. In windows it changes to 19d2:0167 and this is also what I get after the modeswitch in pfSense.

    The storage devices disappear, but I don't get anything but a different (properly ID-ed) ugen0.2 device an nothing more, no serial interfaces. I assume that this is because my variation of ids is not linked to any drivers and nothing is loaded. Is there a way to trick pfSense to at least load usbserial here? Or maybe even QMI/wwan?

    Here is my technical source (is seems that the MF820D and MF821D are more or less equal Qualcomm MDM9200-based devices):

    Any pointers on where to go from here?


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