When try to access through https WAN it returns me intranet address.

  • Hi all , have pfsense 1.2.3. On LAN interface put a win server 2003 , on wich have installed apache. Have several virtual public addresses for example I set up a rule in firewall>NAT>port forwarding like:

    interface - WAN
    source -virtual publick address
    source port 443
    destination - intranet address  (
    dest port 443

    Have option to make automatically outbound rule .
    After than do on Firewall>rules>LAN  a new rule like :
    pass >tcp/udp > source any >destination single host (> port 443

    Start web brouser , type , after press enter in address bar shows
    Anyone know how to fix this .
    Sorry for my bad english and bit bad explanation :)
    The web browser returns me this message :

    A page on the public Internet requests data from your private intranet. For security reasons, automatic access is blocked, but you may choose to continue.


    Always continue when data is requested from this server on my private intranet

  • Source port is never the same as the destination port, should be any.

  • Thank you :)

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